Community Programs

At CASTLE COMMUNITY PROGRAMS we are all about connecting YOU with YOUR community.

Individual support allows you the freedom of designing a plan that is tailored to YOUR needs. Whether you are looking to get creative, develop your personal skills, or broaden your horizons, at CASTLE COMMUNITY PROGRAMS we support YOU in reaching YOUR GOALS.


COMMUNITY PROGRAMS provide you with opportunities to: Establish connections within your local community, try new experiences,
form new friendships and have fun, develop skills for living independently, travel by public transport and experience a work environment.


CASTLE COMMUNITY PROGRAMS’ provide eligible young adults with a disability the opportunity for continued learning and like skill development, to enable them to increase their independence, achieve their life goals and actively participate within the community.

The Program is aimed at young adults with a disability with moderate, high, very high and exceptional support needs who require an alternative to paid employment, or further education in the medium or longer term.